Sunday, June 1, 2014

Broccoli Kale Fruit and Nut Salad, to die for !!!

     Ok Ladies and Gents, listen up !!!  This is one recipe you MUST try !!!  I threw in everything but the kitchen sink and it turned out great !!!  I literally could not stop eating this salad, it was that delicious !!!  Also, you will like the calorie count on the dressing, it was only 300 calories for the entire huge bowl of salad !!!  I did not count the calories on the total salad because I did not measure, and I don't want you to measure either!  Just add each thing according to your desired level, go heavy on the vegetables and lighter on the dried fruit and nuts.  This is wonderful combination with Grilled Chicken or Salmon, and definitely a salad you will want to share at gatherings ( let others feel the joy as well).  Hopefully you will not have the same fork to mouth disease that occurred when I started eating this bowl of goodness  ;)

Ingredients for Salad~
10-12oz Broccoli Slaw
Shredded Carrots ( I used a large handful)
3-6 Kale Leaves, torn
Diced Fuji Apple ( I used half an apple)
Diced Red Bell Pepper ( I used half a pepper)
Diced Green Onion ( I used 4 )
Almonds ( I used a large handful, chopped)
Sunflower Seeds ( I used a handful)
Cranraisins ( I used a small handful)
Dried Apricot, diced ( I used a large handful)
Dried Dates, diced ( I used a large handful)

     Blend together in big salad bowl, set aside.

Ingredients for Dressing~
4oz Banana
2 Tablespoons Vegenaise
1 Tablespoon Lemon Juice

     Blend in Magic Bullet and pour on top of Salad, mix thoroughly and serve!  Enjoy ... and good luck just eating one portion !!!  ;)

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