Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bleacher Workout

  You would have to live under a rock to not know that the Shockers have had an undefeated BasketBall Season with only 2 games left to play, and ranked #2 in the nation as of 2/25/14 !!!  EEEEKKKK   But, there is a lot more that can be done in Koch Arena that just Basketball !!!  Bleacher workouts are a FANTASTIC way to tone your glutes and the back of your legs, it takes a tremendous amount of muscle work to climb those stairs over and over.  Koch Arena is open Monday thru Friday 8-5, for those in the Wichita area during the Winter time.  Once it warms up then Cessna Stadium will be the place to be to get your "Bleacher ON" !!!  When you start any exercise program make sure to get a physical from your Doctor, then strap on your "Tennies" and lets get after it !!!  Each outdoor Bleacher Season, I start with only doing 3-5 sets and each week I add one or two more times up the seats of the bleachers. During the Winter, it is a good time to stay in shape by walking up the stairs of Koch Arena.  Your sore muscles will thank you come Spring  ;)  PS  Because of the difficulty of this particular work out, I only do bleachers once a week to save my knees and legs!  When doing indoor bleacher, I usually work up to an hour each session.  If you don't live in Wichita, then look for a stadium in your city and adapt your work out to the height of your stadium.  If the stadium is short then I do sprints on the way up.  In Koch Arena, I do Sprints on the bottom half and take the stairs by Two's on the top half.

Update~ on March 1, 2014 the Shockers set a record of being the only 31-0 team in History!!! Go SHOX  ;)  PS  My husband and I were there to watch the game and sat right next to where I run the steps every week, what a co-incidence !!! The top picture is Tekele Cotton and I  on March 4th when I was in Koch Arena doing bleacher work and he was in the gym doing a photo shoot. He was kind enough afterwards to stop for a minute to take a picture with me~ I'm a lucky girl !!! Such fun  ;)

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