Saturday, February 22, 2014

Protein Bars

     All Protein Bars are not created equal... My husband thinks he should be able to consume a Snickers if the calories are the same .... Nice try honey, ... But NO!!! All calories are not created equal my friend! Also, it depends if your goals are weight loss or maintenance.  I really like the Quest Bars for an afternoon snack or to keep in the purse for an on the go snack because they have about 21 gms of protein and 3 net carbs ( and taste terrific), they have a range of calories from 160-200..  For weight loss, the Medifast Bars are my go to, they have 110 calories 11 gms protein and 10 net carbs. ( please contact me if you're interested in purchasing the Medifast bars).  Now here comes my pet peeve on "protein bars"~these are the bars with low protein and high carbs that have a 2:1 carb to protein ratio or worse. Not to pick on South Beach ... But ...180 calories, 12 gms protein, 24 carbs (granted they have 9gms of fiber, but still low protein for the calories)... I like a higher protein to carb ratio on my bars, and it seems like the grocery store protein bars are much less healthy than what you find at a Nutritional Specialty store. Now about that Snickers bar .... 250 calories, 4 gms protein, 33 carbs ... Need I say more ... I will be slapping my husbands hand the next time he reaches for a Snickers ;)

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