Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Dinner in a Jiffy !!! ;)

Hottest tip out there is the "Steam in the bag" fresh veggies in the produce department!!! So fast and easy, not to mention the perfect compliment to your meat dish! Even though I'm opposed to prepackaged foods, life dictates times that it is necessary and still better than fast foods!!! Butterball puts out a few Dinner meats that aren't too bad and good to have on hand for those busy nights and cooks in 7 minutes~ between the meat and vegetables your dinner can be readying 10 minutes! And as I've said before, make sure every Sunday you prepare a large bowl of Romaine, Baby Spinach leaves, Peppers, Cilantro, Baby Carrots and Green Onion. You can use it all week with out any wilting or moisture forming, and the perfect way to balance out a healthy meal! Enjoy a somewhat healthy meal in a jiffy with VERY LITTLE clean up afterwards ... And that's the best part !!! ;)

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