Saturday, February 22, 2014

Homemade Vanilla


     Have you ever thought of making your own Vanilla!? If not, I  HIGHLY suggest you give it a whirl !!! So easy and so fun!!! Start by finding a cork top bottle, I found mine at World Market, but I know Hobby Lobby has them as well.  If you live in Wichita, the best place to find fresh Vanilla Beans is The Spice Merchant downtown.  Purchase enough Bourbon Whiskey and Vanilla Beans to meet the formula of one bean per 2 ounces of bourbon. Cut each of your beans length wise, then cross wise and drop into your bottle, then fill bottle with bourbon, making sure to wet the cork for a nice seal!  I used 2 cups of bourbon and 8 vanilla beans per bottle on mine.  Let bottles sit 1-3 months, the longer they cure the better the flavor ... So start your Christmas gifts this summer and age away !!! Adding some cute labels would make the perfect finishing touch ;)

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