Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Protein Marshmallow Fluff

     Marshmellow Fluff... you complete me !!!  Andrea from proteincakery.com has just single handedly changed the face of Protein Cooking ... With this option, it opens up a whole new world of healthy dessert options!!!  Who would complain about that !!!  And wait until I tell you how many calories are in the entire batch ( a full mixing bowl, probably yields 4-5 cups) ...180 calories, 4g carbs and a whopping 42g protein !!!  Yes, you read that right ...

2 Tablespoon Agar Powder (16g) OR 2 teaspoons Meringue Powder
1/2 cup Vanilla Whey Protein Powder ( I used Isothority with 100 cal/scoop and zero carbs)
2/3 cup water, separated into 1/3 cup each
6-7 drops Marshmallow Root Extract
2 teaspoons Erythritol or 4 packets Nectresse

     In large mixing bowl, mix Meringue/Agar, Protein Powder and 1/3 cup water, let sit for one hour.  (Note: If using entire batch right away feel free to use the Meringue Powder as it will soften and get melty after several hours in the fridge.  It is however, re whipable if you want to go that that bother.  If you are wanting a batch that will hold up in the fridge for a long period then you need to use the Agar, as it will hold its original form over time.)  After 1 hour, heat remaining 1/3 cup water to boil and turn off heat.  Begin to beat the Protein mixture in Mix Master ( hand held mixer will work but take more time), and slowly add in the hot water, and continue to beat til thick and no longer hot, then add the Marshmallow Extract and Sweetener.  Continue to beat til stiff peaks form, stiff peaks are when you see peaks of fluff that don't fold over ( make take 10-15 minutes).  Gently spoon fluff in a jar and store in the fridge, trying not to eat it all on the way ...the Macro's are so off the charts that it really wouldn't matter if you did, this is a Protein Gold Mine !!!  Big thank you to the "Princess of Protein", Andrea !!!  Enjoy  ;)

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