Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Coconut Rice

     I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Coconut Rice !!!  I don't have it that often because of the calories, but it is wonderful with a spicy meat combination and perfect when you are feeding a large crowd!  Unfortunitly I really like it with butter and sugar stirred in it as well.  When my kids were little they would often beg me to make them Rice with sugar, butter and milk.  So sweet rice has some sentimental meaning for me as well.  This is so easy, and I use a Rice Cooker, so that makes it nice to fix it and forget about it til the dinger goes off !!!  Try this with a spicy meat the next time you are feeling a little dangerous and let me know what cha think !!!  :)

2 cups Jasmine or Long Grain Rice
1 can ( 13-14oz) unsweetened Coconut Milk ( I often buy the lite)
3 1/4 cups water
Dash of Salt
Butter, to taste
Sugar, to taste  ( If you have the Organic Coconut Sugar on hand, then use that)

     Stir all ingredients ( not the butter and sugar, that's to stir in after cooking) in the pot of the rice cooker.  Cover and turn on, cooker will shut off when rice is cooked.  OR use your timer function to finish cooking when you need the meal to start.  After cooking is when I add desired amount of butter and sugar to taste, and of course this is optional.

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