Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Pears with Cream Cheese and Bacon

     Can we all agree that EVERYONE LOVES BACON !!!???  I try and keep it to a minimum, ... really more of a garnish than an actual food choice...  So, I decided to garnish my cream cheese topped pear slice with a few bacon crumbles, ... now its more of a fancy appetizer vs a healthy snack ( Party of one) .. !!!  HA  Although the Nutritional Stats still insist on it falling into the healthy snack category~144 calories,13.6g carbs, and 4g protein.  Light and refreshing for a mid day pick me up  ;)

4oz Sliced Pears
1 Laughing Cow Cream Cheese Wedge
1 Slice Turkey Bacon, cooked and chopped

     Microwave Turkey Bacon til crisp, and divide into enough pieces to get 2 pieces per pear slice.  Spread each slice with an equal portion of the cream cheese and top with Bacon pieces.  Enjoy  ;)

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