Sunday, May 4, 2014

Homemade Tortilla chips!

    If you remember me bragging about the new Microwave Chip maker I bought, then here is another use you will LOVE !!!  Home made Low Carb Tortilla chips !!!  And with this fast new method, you can have these every day of the week!!! #SCORE  You can have 8 chips, or 1 tortilla for  60 calories, 3g carbs and 5g protein.  Enjoy ;)

Mama Lupe Low Carb Tortilla
Seasoning Salt ( I tried Mastrad Sea Salt and Vinegar, as well as Kernel Season's Chili Lime.  I really LOVED the Chili Lime, and I have a Sour Cream and Onion I want to try as well)

     Lightly spray tortilla with EVOO Pam and sprinkle on season salt.  Cut into 8 pieces and lay on Chip tray with long side to the outside of circle leaving the middle open.  ( I had a couple incidence with catching things on fire when there was too much in the middle, not sure why, but would prefer you don't burn down your house.  I haven't started this many fires since I was first married in my early 20's and learning to cook ... there was more than once my first husband came home and opened the front door to be met with smoke billowing from the apartment... I've gotten better ).  Microwave times vary, but I cooked these for 1 min and 30-35 seconds.  Much more than that they start to burn quickly.  But you will need to experiment with your own timing.  Let them cool, and they will crisp right up.  Enjoy  ;)

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