Thursday, March 6, 2014

Allergy Season is upon us !!! :(

    Not sure what is up with my allergies, but they are already giving me fits in early March while there is still snow on the ground !!!  Is there NO justice in this world !!!  As I've got older, it seems my allergies have got worse.  My doctor told me that is not uncommon and to start on a daily over the counter allergy pill to ward off those horrible flare ups !!!  That works pretty good, but once in a while they still need a little extra attention and that's when I pull out the big guns and turn to Claritin D for relief for a few days.  Wwwweeellll, such was the need this morning when I realized my daughter left the Country yesterday for Spring Break taking all my drugs with her !!!  So what's a girl to do but head to Walgreens to get some more !!!  When I got to the Pharmacy to buy my favorite off brand, they were all sold out !!! Trying to stay calm as my nose was running like a water faucet, the Pharmacist took pity on me and explained something I never fully understood.  She told me that I could continue taking my daily Allegra, but just add a Pseudoephed as that is what the "D" is in Claritin D.  Problem solved for a fraction of the cost !!!  The other suggestion that was offered me,  in a pinch you can just double up on your daily dose of Claritin or Allegra and that will help ward off the runny nose. The goal is to get in front of leaky sinuses to avoid a breeding ground for infection, limiting the risk of sinus infection, cough or chest cold. On a side note, I always buy the off brand when I can, if you compare the active ingredient they are the same as the name brand for quite the money savings.  So spend you money somewhere that is more enjoyable than supporting large advertising campaigns !!!  ;)  PS  I only take the 12 hour of Pseudoepherdrine because I don't like staying awake all night !!!  Be careful if you get the 24 hour type, your nose wont run but you will be draggin the next morning ...  :0

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