Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Italian Tilapia

     Tilapia may be one of my favorite white fish !!!  It's my "go to" for white fish during the week, its great solo or in a fish taco!  I love the mild fish flavor of Tilapia, and also love that it is only 110 calories and 21 gms protein ( no carbs) per 4oz.  This is a nutritional powerhouse !!!  I can whip this dish together so fast it will make your head spin, not to mention the outta the park great flavor !!!  I don't even bother marinating this fish, I simply throw the fish in a nonstick heated skillet and pour a few Tablespoons of Kraft Roasted Red Pepper Italian Dressing ( 30 cal/2 TBLSP) on top and cook til flaky, turning over half way thru cooking.  This method works GREAT with boneless skinless chicken tenders as well.  Keep this recipe in your back pocket when you need to put together a meal last minute or just want something easy. This works great with a simple side salad or serve with a fancy Brussel Sprout salad like I did tonight !!!  Enjoy  :)

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