Friday, March 21, 2014

Greek Strawberry Protein Cheesecake Filling

     This is definitely delicious and nutritious!!!  This is so simple and filled with flavor AND PROTEIN !!!  This don't miss dish is sure to please at 283 calories, 6 gms fiber, 17.5 gms carbs, and a WHOPPING 32.5 gms protein !!! I would put these super stats in my regular regime during the week, perfect way to start any day of the week !!!  ;)

1/2 Cup chopped Strawberries
2 Tablespoons GROUND Flaxseed
1 Dannon Greek Light&Fit Strawberry Yogurt (5.3oz)
1/2 Cup Lowfat Cottage Cheese
1 Tablespoon Vanilla Protein Powder ( I use Vanilla Bean V-Core from Complete Nutrition)
Dash Cinnamon

     Blend together and serve!!!  Enjoy  ;)

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